Summer tire - Solazo - a tire featuring modern tread, manufactured on English license. Thanks to the unique composition of rubber and silica, it provides users with excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

Winter tire - Via Maggiore - tire featuring directional tread ensures excellent traction when driving straight at high speeds, and sharp edges of the blocks in the shoulder zone prevent slippage of the tire to the sides.

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BKT- tire brand, which is a part of Siyaram-Poddar Group conglomerate, one of the main leaders in the market of specialist tires for vehicles used in agriculture, construction, industry, forestry and mining. These tires are available today in more than 120 countries on all continents. As many as half of exported BKT tires are sold in Europe, which is the most demanding region when it comes to technology standards (European headquarters was opened in 2006 in Milan).