Wolver motor oils is a proven and reliable German quality, which is supported by over 50 years of experience. Thanks to modern technologies used in the production process, it ensures the best possible protection for the engine, regardless of conditions or temperature. They are used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor boats, lawn mowers and electrical equipment. Knowing this, WOLVER Laboratory GmbH sets an ambitious target to produce motor oils for various types of engine, from the oldest examples to modern car engines.

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The manufacturer offers high quality products, using modern technologies and raw materials from world-renowned companies such as Lubrizol, ExxonMobil, Infineum, Afton - ensuring high engine efficiency in a wide temperature range and increasing engine's life. The special low-ash formula applied in YUKO SYNTETIC oil results in extended working periods. It is compatible with turbocharged engines with injection systems and multi valve units, also with intercooler and a catalyst.

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