Grom Premium

Grom Premium is the flagship product of GROM brand. The applied calcium-calcium (Ca/Ca) technology provides much longer life service under difficult and challenging conditions. Ideas affecting reliability and durability at extremely cold and hot temperatures were used in the process of design and production. Battery plate thickness is a major advantage. Grom Premium was tested at temperatures between -40℃ and +60℃. Batteries GROM prove to be efficient in vehicles with extensive accessories. It is equal in terms of quality and parameters of other well-known brands. Batteries GROM do not lose their properties after long-term use. Grom Premium represents STANDARD+ class.


X-PRO batteries use technologies to suit the different types of passenger vehicles, including luxury cars. In battery used a new grids technologies , which optimizes the flow of electricity and guarantees excellent starting power. The used calcium–tin alloy and special additives consolidating the crystalline structure of the active material increase the battery lifetime, and reduce electrolyte losses during charging and discharging. User safety is guaranteed by special closed-cover structure.


TOP CAR Premium

All series of TOP CAR batteries are characterized by high starting current efficiency and work well in a wide temperature range. Phosphoric acid has been used as an ingredient for the active mass, what provides additional advantages: deep discharge battery protection, reduction of the internal resistance of rechargeable batteries (respectively increases the current), improvement of balance of plates, what increases the life service. In order to ensure the safety filter systems were equipped with ‘flame arrestor’, what protects the battery from source of ignition.



FORSE batteries are manufactured using Ca/Ca technology and provide their users with the highest level of safety. Furthermore, their performance is excellent even for highly demanding users- that's why these models have increased start-up power and are characterized by the possibility of trouble-free usage in extreme conditions. No more evidence regarding quality needed when we realize that the FORSE batteries smoothly operate at temperatures below -40°C on the Siberia off-road. Batteries prove to be efficient in vehicles with extensive accessories.

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TAB Magic

TAB MAGIC uses the latest innovations in Ca/Ca technology. It provides users with the highest quality and performance. Therefore, it proves to be very efficient in new-generation vehicles with high energetic needs. Airtight SMF lid makes battery protected from acid spills, what gives us complete freedom from maintenance and maximum safety. What is more, the so-called "magic eye" allows us to check the charge level. Increased number of plates extends service life to 30%. It is a premium class battery.

As one of the very few meets OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards.

RC designation means the reserve capacity which allows us to drive at certain time with current consumption of 25A /min before the battery is deeply discharged, if the alternator does not charge the battery.

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TAB Polar

TAB Batterien is a battery manufacturer with 35 years of experience, which undoubtedly places it among leading manufacturers of starter batteries. TAB POLAR is a battery manufactured using calcium-calcium technology (Ca/Ca), equipped with a high-quality polyethylene envelope separators. The battery is maintenance-free with minimal water lost - with proper operation it is 0.5% a year, also there are caps in the cells. Thanks to the latest technology POLAR series offers excellent power, high capacity as well as high performance and reliable operation at low temperatures. It is a high quality product for various types vehicles. With more than average battery life, you can stay peaceful for years. The TAB battery factory cooperates with the military in various countries by supplying them with batteries.


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Oberon Dynamic

Standard class battery for owners of mid-range vehicles. Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge battery technology, including Ca / Ca technology. These batteries are both in Poland, as well as on many European markets. OBERON brand products are innovative solutions which satisfy their users meeting their requirements. OBERON DYNAMIC batteries feature standard start-up parameters. They are perfectly suited for cars with standard equipment.

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Fire Ball

Fire Ball is a lead-acid battery that requires no maintenance. The applied calcium-calcium (Ca/Ca) technology makes the battery resistant to discharging and with good service life. It has a built-in central degassing system and system reducing the evaporation of electrolyte, hence requiring rare user control. FIRE BALL is a standard class product with high inrush currents, which has been developed for users of cars with standard electrical equipment.

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Agro Truck

We also offer batteries in AGRO TRUCK series - professional batteries for tractors, combine harvesters and farm machinery. They are distinguished by high reliability and efficiency. They provide users with fast start-up, smooth operation and little "water consumption". 12V and 6V batteries are available in our offer. AGRO TRUCK are extremely resistant at low temperatures and vibrations generated during strenuous work in fields. Manufactured based on secure and repeatedly tested solutions, in accordance with international standards.

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VEGA batteries, are ISTA products, manufactured in calcium-calcium (Ca/Ca) technology and characterized by good starting power. Calcium is added for both the positive and negative plates that prevents excessive water consumption providing higher reliability and resistance. Lead-calcium technology influence at low water consumption, low self-discharge level and makes batteries resistant to corrosion. They have a central degassing system with a flame saver, thus they give us the high level of safety.